The 2020 United States presidential election will be held on November 3rd. To find out how your views compare to various presidential candidates, complete our 40 question quiz. There are eight sections with five equally weighted questions each. Feel free to leave any questions unanswered if you prefer that they not to affect your results for whatever reason.

This quiz has been developed in consultation with members of our advisory committee to ensure that it fairly reflects the views of the political parties. These member(s) were Christian Kassis (international). Additionally, this quiz has been edited for spelling and grammar by Melani Vilenchik.

1. Should the Electoral College be replaced with a popular vote electoral system?

2. Should the congressional electoral system be replaced with a proportional representation voting system?

3. Should there be stricter limits on the amount that organizations can spend on political advertising?

4. Should prisoners be allowed to vote?

5. Should abortion be considered a constitutional right?

6. Should all drugs be legal to use?

7. Should affirmative action programs for race be used by the government?

8. Should it be legal to purchase sex?

9. Should abortion be legal in cases where the mother's life is not in danger?

10. Should it be legal to burn the American flag?

11. Should the federal government use the death penalty when sentencing murderers?

12. Should privately owned prisons be used to hold prisoners?

13. Should spending on police be reduced?

14. Should civilian ownership of most semi-automatic firearms be legal?

15. Should the military be allowed to use torture against terrorism suspects?

16. Should the government sanction Israel?

17. Should the government sanction Cuba?

18. Should foreign aid spending be increased?

19. Should the US be a member of the United Nations?

20. Should the US be a member of NATO?

21. Should a wall be built on the southern border?

22. Should immigration levels be increased?

23. Should illegal immigrants be allowed to apply for American citizenship?

24. Should tariffs be charged on products imported from China?

25. Should people entering the United States from Mexico and Canada be prohibited from applying for refugee status in most cases?

26. Should income taxes be raised on the wealthiest 1%?

27. Should there be a carbon tax to tax greenhouse gas emissions?

28. Should there be a wealth tax?

29. Should business taxes be increased?

30. Should the sales tax be reduced?

31. Should the federal government fund universal childcare?

32. Should military spending be decreased?

33. Should the medicare funding be increased?

34. Should every adult citizen be provided with a minimum guaranteed income

35. Should all subsidies to businesses be eliminated?

36. Should there be a federal lockdown if COVID-19 rates increase?

37. Should the manufacturing sector be owned by the government?

38. Should the minimum wage be increased?

39. Should oil pipelines be built?

40. Should the use of fossil fuels energy be prohibited by 2030?

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