The U.S. Congressional Election will be held on November 6th, 2018 to elect members of the House of Representatives and several Senators. To find out how your views compare to the parties, complete our 40 question quiz. Each question is weighted equally. Feel free to leave any questions unanswered if you prefer that they not affect your results for whatever reason.

1. Should there be stricter limits on the amount that organizations can spend on political advertising?

2. Should the presidential electoral system be replaced with a ranked ballot voting system?

3. Should the congressional electoral system be replaced with a proportional representation voting system?

4. Should the constitution be amended to ban the government from incurring debt?

5. Should the constitution be amended to impose term limits on members of congress?

6. Should doctor assisted suicide be legal?

7. Should abortion be legal in cases where the mother's life is not in danger?

8. Should African-Americans and Native Americans be paid reparations by the government to compensate for historical periods discrimination?

9. Should affirmative action programs for race be used for government hiring?

10. Should it be legal to purchase sex?

11. Should privately owned prisons be used to hold prisoners?

12. Should there be a limit on firearm magazine capacity?

13. Should all drugs be legal to use?

14. Should there be mandatory minimum sentences for violent crimes?

15. Should the federal government use the death penalty when sentencing murderers?

16. Should the U.S. be part of the NATO military alliance?

17. Should the Guantanamo Bay prison remain open?

18. Should the government sanction Israel?

19. Should the government sanction Cuba?

20. Should the U.S. engage in military action against terrorist groups in the Middle East?

21. Should illegal immigrants be deported?

22. Should a wall be built on the southern border?

23. Should immigration levels be increased?

24. Should NAFTA be renegotiated?

25. Should countries be required to have high labor standards in order to sign trade agreements with the U.S.?

26. Should income taxes be raised on the top 1% of high earners?

27. Should corporate taxes be increased?

28. Should there be an income tax?

29. Should higher taxes be imposed on fossil fuels, alcohol, tobacco and unhealthy food?

30. Should stock and bond transactions be taxed?

31. Should the government increase subsidies for post-secondary tuition costs?

32. Should the government fund elementary and secondary school education?

33. Should military spending be decreased?

34. Should the federal government fund a universal healthcare system?

35. Should the government fund a universal basic income program?

36. Should natural gas fracking be allowed?

37. Should the use of nuclear energy be expanded?

38. Should the federal hourly minimum wage be increased to $15?

39. Should the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline be approved?

40. Should internet service providers be required to ensure net-neutrality by not blocking or slowing down access to any websites?

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