The 2016 United States presidential election will be held on November 8th to elect the 45 President. To find out how your views compare to various presidential candidates, complete our 40 question quiz. There are eight sections with five equally weighted questions each. Feel free to leave any questions unanswered if you prefer that they not to affect your results for whatever reason.

1. Should there be term limits on Senators and House Representatives?

2. Should abortion be considered a constitutional right?

3. Should there be stricter limits on the amount that organizations can spend on political advertising?

4. Should the electoral system be replaced with a ranked choice ballot voting system?

5. Should the ability of organizations to finance unlimited political advertising be considered a constitutional right?

6. Should marijuana be legalized?

7. Should abortion be legal in cases where the mother's life is not in danger?

8. Should marriage be defined as the union of one man and one woman?

9. Should affirmative action programs for race be used for government hiring?

10. Should the operation of zoos be legal?

11. Should privately owned prisons be used to hold prisoners?

12. Should the military be allowed to use torture against terrorism suspects?

13. Should civilian ownership of most semi-automatic firearms be prohibited?

14. Should the government protect copyrighted work from piracy?

15. Should the federal government use the death penalty when sentencing murderers?

16. Should the US maintain the nuclear deal with Iran?

17. Should the Guantanamo Bay prison remain open?

18. Should the government sanction Israel?

19. Should the military assassinate suspected terrorists?

20. Should the US continue its military intervention against terrorist groups in the Middle East?

21. Should illegal immigrants be given amnesty?

22. Should a wall be built on the southern border?

23. Should Muslim immigration be temporarily stopped?

24. Should NAFTA be renegotiated?

25. Should the US take part in the TPP?

26. Should income taxes be raised on the wealthiest 1%?

27. Should corporate taxes be lowered?

28. Should there be a carbon tax on greenhouse gas emissions?

29. Should the Affordable Care Act be maintained?

30. Should income taxes be lowered for the middle class?

31. Should the government increase subsidies for post-secondary tuition costs?

32. Should the federal government encourage the expansion of charter schools and school vouchers?

33. Should military spending be increased?

34. Should the federal government fund a universal healthcare system?

35. Should the federal government stop funding medicare?

36. Should natural gas fracking be allowed?

37. Should the use of nuclear energy be expanded?

38. Should the federal minimum wage be increased?

39. Should the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline be approved?

40. Should the use of coal energy be phased out?

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