The 2018 Toronto Mayoral Election will be held on October 22nd, 2018 to elect the Mayor of Toronto. To find out how your views compare to several mayoral candidates, complete our 25 question quiz. Each question is weighted equally. Feel free to leave any questions unanswered if you prefer that they not affect your results for whatever reason.

This quiz was developed in consultation with members of our advisory committee to ensure that it fairly reflects the views of the political parties. These member(s) were Andrew Dang (Toronto).

1. Should the land transfer tax be phased out?

2. Should first time home buyers have to pay the land transfer tax?

3. Should property taxes be raised on houses valued at over $4,000,000?

4. Should bike lanes be constructed on more roads?

5. Should speed limits on all residential roads be reduced to 30 kilometres per hour?

6. Should the East Gardiner Expressway be replaced with a boulevard?

7. Should more Light Rail Transit lines be built, even if they decrease the number of road lanes?

8. Should Toronto-born citizens be prioritized over other Canadian citizens for affordable housing?

9. Should the government double the amount of low-income rental housing that it funds?

10. Should serious criminals be evicted from subsidized housing?

11. Should new condominium buildings be required to include a certain proportion of affordable housing units?

12. Should illegal immigrants seeking to use government services be turned over to the federal government for prosecution?

13. Should police officers be allowed to stop and question people who have not been accused of a crime?

14. Should people be allowed to wear face coverings on public property?

15. Should supervised drug injection sites be opened in Toronto?

16. Should significantly more police officers be hired?

17. Should the number of Toronto city councillors be decreased from 47 to 25?

18. Should permanent residents who are not Canadian citizens be allowed to vote in municipal elections?

19. Should funding for programs to promote multiculturalism be reduced?

20. Should the mayor march in the LGBT Pride Parade?

21. Should gender quotas be used for hiring municipal employees?

22. Should per capita art funding be doubled?

23. Should abortion services be funded by the municipal government?

24. Should firearm stores be allowed to operate in Toronto?

25. Should businesses be able to allow smoking on their patios?

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