The Ontario election will be held on June 7th, 2018 to elect 124 Members of Provincial Parliament who will form the next provincial government. To find out how your views compare to the parties, complete our 40 question quiz. Each question is weighted equally. This quiz was developed in consultation with our advisory committee to ensure that it fairly reflects the views of the political parties. Feel free to leave any questions unanswered if you prefer that they not affect your results for whatever reason.

1. Should there be a carbon tax on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions?

2. Should minimum wage workers have to pay provincial income tax?

3. Should upper class income tax rates be increased?

4. What should be done with the corporate income tax rate?

5. Should middle class income tax rates be decreased?

6. Should healthcare funding be increased?

7. Should people be given the option to opt out of OHIP and not be required to pay for government health insurance?

8. Should the government fund universal dental care?

9. Should the government fund the cost of prescription medications for seniors?

10. Should the government fund the cost of prescription medications for everyone?

11. Should natural gas fracking be allowed in Ontario?

12. Should oil pipelines be built in Ontario?

13. Should regulated private businesses be allowed to sell marijuana?

14. Should the creation of new regulations only be allowed if ten existing regulations are eliminated for every new one passed?

15. Should there be any regulations that attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

16. Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

17. Should recall legislation be implemented to allow constituents to remove their Member of Provincial Parliament from office and trigger a byelection when a large fraction of constituents sign a recall petition?

18. Should major political parties receive a government funded subsidy based on how many votes they received in the last election?

19. Should the provincial government provide subsidies and grants for municipalities and municipal projects?

20. Should Ontario elections be held under the Proportional Representation electoral system? (The percentage of MPPs a party has in the legislature will be determined by the party's province-wide share of the vote rather than by individual elections in each riding.)

21. Do you support the 2014 changes to the elementary school sex education curriculum?

22. Should a school voucher system be implemented in which the government would fund private school tuition fees?

23. Should there be standardized English and mathematics testing in elementary schools and high schools?

24. Should universities be required to have a free speech policy on campus in order to receive government funding?

25. Should the government provide interest-free student loans?

26. Should the government buy back control of Hydro One?

27. Should the government fund and subsidize more wind energy and solar energy?

28. Should delivery charges for electricity be equalized so that all Ontarians pay the same rate regardless of their geographic location?

29. Should there be time-of-use pricing for electricity?

30. Should new nuclear power plants be built?

31. Should balancing the budget be prioritized over increasing spending?

32. Should illegal immigrants be eligible to receive government assistance and services?

33. Should the main priority of changes to government be to reduce its size and cost?

34. Should daycare funding be directed to the creation of government run daycare centres?

35. Should the government fund a basic income guarantee?

36. Should the government use back-to-work legislation to end long strikes by government employees?

37. Should the minimum hourly wage be raised to $15 per hour in 2019?

38. Should the government expand it's use of affirmative action quotas for race and gender?

39. Should housing developers be required to build a certain amount of affordable housing units in order to be allowed to build new housing units?

40. Should there be rent controls which limit how much a landlord can increase rent costs by?

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