The 42nd Canadian federal election will be held on October 19th, 2015. To find out how your views compare to various political parties, complete our 40 question quiz. There are eight sections with five equally weighted questions each. Feel free to leave any questions unanswered if you prefer that they not to affect your results for whatever reason.

1. Should the senate be abolished?

2. Should Quebec become an independent country?

3. Should Canada maintain the current first-past-the-post electoral system?

4. Should election campaign fundraising and spending be limited?

5. Should the federal government end healthcare funding transfers to the provinces?

6. Should the possession and sale of cannabis be a criminal offence?

7. Should assisted suicide be legal?

8. Should the same-sex marriage be recognized by the government?

9. Should businesses be required to let transgender indivduals use whichever bathroom they prefer?

10. Should the government set up a phone line specifically dedicated to reporting illegal cultural practices?

11. Should murderers be given life sentences and no chance of parole?

12. 12. Should Bill C-51 be maintained?

13. Should the criteria for obtaining a firearms license be stricter?

14. Should prison sentences be reduced?

15. Should dual-citizen convicted of terrorism get to keep their Canadian citizenships?

16. Should Canada take part in the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement?

17. Should Canada participate in airstrikes against ISIS?

18. Should foreign aid spending be increased?

19. Should the federal government subsidize green energy programs in foreign countries?

20. Should Canada side with Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

21. Should the corporate tax rate be raised?

22. Should upper-class income tax rates be increased?

23. Should CPP taxes be increased to increase pensions?

24. Should couples be able to split their income when calculating income tax?

25. Should the the income tax exemption be tripled?

26. Should the federal budget prioritize having a balanced budget over increasing spending?

27. Should the CBC's funding be increased?

28. Should the government provide large businesses with financial bailouts?

29. Should military spending be increased?

30. Should the federal government increase spending on infrastructure?

31. Should there be a carbon tax of greenhouse gas emissions?

32. Should oil pipelines be built in Canada?

33. Should there be a federal minimum wage?

34. Should there be a carbon tax of greenhouse gas emissions?

35. Should federal public sector unions be allowed to strike?

36. Should Canada increase the number of Syrian immigrants it accepts?

37. Should Mexican visitors entering Canada be required to have a visa?

38. Should people be allowed to wear face coverings during citizenship ceremonies?

39. Should immigration primarily emphasize Canada's economic needs?

40. Should the government increase funding for programs that promote multiculturalism?

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