The Canadian federal election will be held on September 20th, 2021 to elect 338 Members of Parliament who will form the next federal government. To find out how your views compare to the political parties, complete our forty question quiz. Each question is weighted equally. Feel free to leave any questions unanswered.

This quiz was developed in consultation with members of our advisory committee to ensure that it fairly reflects the views of the political parties. These member(s) were Keeyan Ravanshid (PPC), Melani Vilenchik (Conservative) and Saadiq Jasat (Liberal). We are still in the process of consulting members of the Bloc Quebecois, Green Party and New Democratic Party.

1. Should Canada's electoral system be replaced with the Proportional Representation system, in which the number of MPs a party has in Parliament is determined by the proportion of votes it received in the election?

2. Should interprovincial equalization payments be reduced?

3. Should Quebec become an independent country?

4. Should the federal government provide healthcare and infrastructure funding transfers to provincial governments?

5. Should municipalities have the authority to ban their residents from owning handguns?

6. Should visible minorities be favoured during the hiring process for government jobs?

7. Should mandatory minimum prison sentences for violent crime be increased?

8. Should the possession of recreational drugs for personal use be legal?

9. Should there be a complete national ban on civilian handgun ownership?

10. Should the law require that people be referred to by their preferred gender pronouns by other people?

11. Should Canada remain part of the British Commonwealth?

12. Should Canada recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

13. What should be done with the level of funding the military receives?

14. Should foreign aid spending be decreased?

15. Should Quebec have the authority to negotiate its own international agreements with foreign countries?

16. Should the government fund programs to promote multiculturalism?

17. Should provinces be allowed to create restrictions on interprovincial trade?

18. How high should Canada's immigration levels be compared to pre-COVID-19 levels?

19. Should imports of dairy, poultry and eggs be limited through quotas?

20. Should individuals entering Canada from the United States be allowed to apply for refugee status?

21. What should be done with lower and middle class income tax rates?

22. What should be done with upper class income tax rates?

23. What should be done with business tax rates?

24. Should there be a federal sales tax?

25. What should be done with carbon tax rate?

26. Should the federal government fund the cost of prescription medications?

27. Should the federal government fund the cost of dental care?

28. Should all remaining COVID-19 restrictions be lifted?

29. Should government workers be required to receive vaccination for COVID-19, even if they complete daily COVID-19 tests?

30. Should mental illness qualify as a reason to receive assisted suicide?

31. Should the government prioritize reducing the budgetary deficit over increasing spending?

32. Should the federal government pay a guaranteed minimum income to every citizen?

33. Should spending on policing be decreased?

34. What should be done with the level of funding that the CBC receives?

35. Should the federal government fund the cost of post-secondary tuition?

36. Should the construction of oil pipelines be permitted?

37. Should a $15 federal minimum wage be created?

38. Should the implementation of carbon capture technology be subsidized?

39. Should there be a price-cap on how much internet companies can charge their customers?

40. Should gasoline-powered cars be banned within fifteen years?

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